Richard Romano, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics

Fisher School of Accounting, Warrington College of Business Administration

2004 Awardee

Although he’s an economics professor, Richard Romano’s academic interests focus on the state of public education.
“I’m looking at how colleges can modify their admission and financial aid policies in a way that they’ll get the most diverse student body with the highest academic ability,” Romano says.
In secondary education, Romano has studied school choice policies and how voucher systems affect student demographics and the distribution of educational benefits.
“We tried to create a voucher design that promotes integrated schools with respect to socioeconomics and race,” Romano says.
Lawrence Kenny, professor and interim chair of the Department of Economics, says Romano’s research accomplishments are impressive.
“Very few economists receive external funding for their research, yet Rich has had a steady stream of National Science Foundation grants,” Kenny says.
Romano, who studied public finance in college, conducts research by modeling and empirical testing.
“The hope is that this research will help guide decision makers in higher education form their financial aid policies,” Romano says. “It’s an important issue and something that warrants the attention of researchers.”