Lynn Sollenberger, Ph.D.

Professor of Agronomy

Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

2004 Awardee

In the world of environmental habitats, grasslands play an important role as wetlands, groundwater recharge areas, wildlife habitats and sources of nutrients for animals.
Lynn Sollenberger, a professor of agronomy in the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, researches ways to develop and test strategies for managing and preserving these grasslands, so they can continue to carry out their vital functions.
“Dr. Sollenberger leads a very productive research program that focuses on sustainability and the environmental impact of forage-livestock systems,” says Jerry Bennett, chair of the agronomy department.
Sollenberger says that efficient use of nutrients is a key to his studies in grassland management.
“If applied in excess, nutrients can have a negative impact on the environment and ground water quality,” he says.
Sollenberger and his team conduct work on natural grasslands and farmers’ fields, in many cases in the Suwannee River watershed. Their studies have helped to educate farmers on the best sequence of crops and the most appropriate fertilization strategies for growing nutritious or commercially valuable crops, while sustaining the environment.