Maureen Keller-Wood, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Pharmacodynamics

College of Pharmacy

2000 Awardee

Maureen Keller-Wood is an endocrine physiologist whose “distinguished career is well recognized and highly regarded on a national and international basis,” says an esteemed peer.

Keller-Wood is an expert on the physiologic and endocrine adaptations of a woman’s body during pregnancy. Her work focuses on the interactions between adrenal steroid hormones and placental steroid hormones in pregnant women, and has attracted significant research grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Keller-Wood is currently the principal investigator on two NIH grants providing more than $1 million in research funding over a four-year period. One primary area of research for Keller-Wood is on the effects of steroid hormones involved in the regulation of blood volume and blood pressure in pregnant mothers and their maturing fetuses. The ultimate goal of these projects is to understand changes that occur during pregnancy and to contribute to healthier mothers producing healthier babies. Because of the significance of her work, Keller-Wood has also received support in the past for her research from the Florida/Puerto Rico affiliate of the American Heart Association.

Keller-Wood is a co-investigator on a recent NIH grant with Charles Wood in the College of Medicine. In addition, she has served ad hoc on several NIH review-groups, and regularly reviews for several journals in her field. Keller-Wood integrates her research and publishing activities with her outstanding teaching at UF.

Currently, Keller-Wood teaches cardiovascular and adrenal physiology and pathophysiology to the professional students in UF’s College of Pharmacy. Last year, she was awarded a UF Teaching Incentive Program Award in recognition of her innovative teaching methods and her contributions to the revised curriculum for the doctor of pharmacy degree. Keller-Wood complements her classroom teaching by training and mentoring graduate and professional students in the College of Pharmacy and the Interdisciplinary Program in the College of Medicine.